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Come tour the famed fortress, Masada, and engage with its luxurious history led by our expert guides!


Masada, the fortress, is located in the heart of the Judean Desert and is a very important part of Jewish history in the Land of Israel. The site preserves the culture of the Roman Empire that ruled Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East 2000 years ago.

During the tour, we will see King Herod's fortress and palaces that were preserved in a way that leaves very little room for imagination. You will get a glimpse of the luxury life that Herod cultivated for himself, his guests and his family with the primeval landscape that surrounded them.

We will follow the dramatic life and death of the fanatic Jewish rebels that no Hollywood script could make up.


About us - free tours masada

The concept of free tours is a very successful phenomenon worldwide. The service allows anyone to enjoy the experience of professional guidance, in the most magnificent places in the world, without a set price tag.

When Yael Benifla, a certified tour-guide, realized most visitors are not exposed to the meaningful history and legacy of Masada, she established Free Tours Masada so that everyone can experience Masada to the maximum. 

Because the tours are Tips-Based, travelers can pay according to their budget and level of satisfaction. The tours are provided by qualified and professional tour guides and in groups of no more than 30 participants.



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“I never thought i could get so emotional  hearing those stories, this place is just amazing, thank you”

Julia Glickman



Ilanit Sakura Sharon

Ilanit Sakura Sharon

 Was born in France to a Japanese mother and an Egyptian father (but that's a story for another time😉).
Served as an operation sergeant in the air force, travelled the world, lived a couple of years in Japan and returned to do what she loves most-
Showing this beautiful country to visitors from all over the world.


Yael Ben nifla

Yael Ben nifla

Born in Jerusalem, a city of endless conflicts but also a place of cultural encounter and lots of beauty .

Her curiosity about the land of her forefathers, combined with her passion for meeting new people has made Yael one of our premier tour guides.

Today Yael lives in Kibbutz Ein Gedi, and the mother of Carmel.

Yael loves the desert lifestyle and will be happy to show you the beauty of it.

Chen Perevolotsky

Chen Perevolotsky

 After a long trip around the world, I came to the conclusion that Israel is the most interesting place in the world (in my opinion :) ). I realized that there was nothing that made me happier then traveling with good people and to show them the wonders of this Beautiful land

Today I live in Kibbutz Ein Gedi in the Dead Sea area, the lowest and most beautiful place in the world.




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